Arcot Makkan Peda Sweet

Type:   Desserts
Makkan Peda Sweet

The sweet is an intricate part of Arcot’s tradition. It is being prepared here for generations. Made of maida and sugarless choa, the dough is rolled into lemon-sizedballs and then stuffed with grated dry fruits. The balls are slightly flattened and then fried in oil till golden brown and soaked in sugar syrup. It should be soaked for at least 10 hours. It resembles Gulab Jamun – a bit flattened. As a soft juicy texture Makkan Peda melts in the mouth. the dry fruit filling giving the edge. If you happen to pass thru Arcot, break the journey at the Bus stand, taking your own time, to splurge on Makkan Peda ! you’ll remember it for long.