Ranipet was built around the year 1771 by Sadut-ulla-khan, the Nawab of Carnatic, in honor of the youthful widow of Desingh Raja of Gingee, who committed Sati upon her husband’s death. Out of respect for Desingh Raja’s valour and his wife’s devotion, the Nawab formed a new village opposite to Arcot on the Northern bank of Palar river and named it Ranipet.

The town gained importance since the establishment of European contonment. About a mile west of Ranipet is a remarkable thope extending along the Palar river, for a distance of 4.8 Km which is known as ‘Navlakh Bagh’. It is supposed to contain 9 lakhs of trees and hence the name “Navlakh Bagh”. South India’s first rail was operated between Royapuram to Ranipet.

On August 15, 2019, Ranipet became the district headquarters for the Ranipet district after announcement of the newly created district. The District has been formally inaugurated and started functioning from 28th November, 2019, then by becoming the 36th District of Tamil Nadu.