Archaeological Site Museum, Arcot

Archaeological Site Museum, Arcot

The Department of Archaeology, Government of Tamilnadu is exhibiting many antiques from the excavations is being exhibits in their museums to bring the limelight of history of Tamilnadu. An Archaeological site museum is situated in Arcot Town. 

In the year 1698 CE Zulfiquarkhan (1690-1703 CE) one of the commanders of Moghul dynasty, inducted by Emperor Aurangazeb, had administered Moghul rule from Arcot. During his reign Arcot became the capital of the Carnatic region and most of the administrative buildings were constructed. The last Nawab of Arcot was Ghousekhan (1842-1855 CE). By the act of Doctrine of Lapse, Lord Dalhousi brought the Carnatic region under the British rule. The Museum was created in the year 1982 with an objective of revealing the influence of Islamic Art, Architecture and Culture in this region.

The museum exhibits the artifacts taken from excavations in Vellore District. It exhibits many historical photographs to the visitors. 360 rare artifacts are exhibited in this museum. The publications of Department of Archaeology are available for sale at reasonable price.

The working hours of museum are 10 am to 5.30 pm except on Fridays and Government holidays.

Antiquities on Display

Stone sculptures, Terracotta figurines, Coins, Islamic antiquities, Porcelain ware, Iron implements, wooden artefacts and antiquities from excavation.

360 degree view