Department of Archaeology, Tamilnadu Protected Monuments

Sl. No Name of the Monuments Locality
1 Seven Mothers Sculptures Perunkanchi, Walajah
2 Valeeshwarar Temple Thakkolam, Arakkonam
3 Kanja Sahib Tomb Sholingar, Walajah

The Status of Seven Mothers – Perunkanchi

Seven Mothers Sculptures, Perunkanchi

Seven Mothers Sculptures, Perunkanchi

The statues of Seven Mothers are one among the monuments being preserved by the archeological department. The monument is located in the east of Perunkanchi, a way from Walajah to Sholinghur. The statues sculptured here belongs to the Pallava Kings of 8th century. These statues serve as the best example fiction of the Pallava’s art of sculpture.

The Seven mothers are:-

  1. Braami
  2. Maheswari
  3. Gowmari
  4. Vaishnavi
  5. Varahi
  6. Indirani
  7. Samundi

The statues of Vinyagar and Veerabathirar located here is even more noteworthy.

The Cemetery of Kanja Sahib, Sholingar

Kanja Sahib Tomb, Sholingar

Kanja Sahib Tomb, Sholingar

This Monument is located near a prominent road, opposite to Sholingar bus stand of Walajah Taluk. This monument with a width of 15 feet and length of 35 feet is called as Kanja Sahib cemetery. This cemetery is being preserved as one of the monuments by the Archaeological department. This is constructed with stucco and bricks. A battle was held in 1781 against the Britisher by the warriors of Tippu Sultan in which the warrior died against in the field of Sholingar. It is believed that a big pit was dug and the dead bodies of the soldiers were buried in the pit. To verify this incident, it is engraved at the top of the yard.

The inscription goes as follows:-

This tomb which is belived to mark the spot where the bodies of the Slain of the Mysore Army were intepred is conserved by the Government of India to commemorate the Battle of Sholinghur 1781.

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